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3502 Gulfview Avenue Marathon, FL 33050
Located at Keys Fisheries Market & Marina off 35th Street Bayside

Johnny Maddox Charters offers unique reef and wreck site fishing trips as well as boat rentals!

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Select any of our charter boats below to pay the $200 deposit online, and read our policies for cancellations and refunds. You'll also be able to pay the full amount for a full, 3/4, or 1/2 day trip. If you have any questions, please call (866) 381-9370 today!
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“Papa Pip's”  29-ft. Topaz Express

“Papa Pip's” 29-ft. Topaz Express

Half Day Shorty $750
Half Day SHARK-A-THON $750
3/4 Combo Trip $925
Full Day Trip $1100
Big Game Adventure $1200-$1500
“Pip's 36” 36-ft. Bruel Express

“Pip's 36” 36-ft. Bruel Express

Half Day SHARK-A-THON $800
Half Day Inshore $950
3/4 Day Trip Combo $1100
Fish All Day $1250
Big Game Adventure $1500-$1800
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