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3502 Gulfview Avenue Marathon, FL 33050
Located at Keys Fisheries Market & Marina off 35th Street Bayside

Johnny Maddox Charters offers unique reef and wreck site fishing trips as well as boat rentals!

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“Pip's 36” 36-ft. Bruel Express

SKU: 2 $200.00

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Half Day SHARK-A-THON $800

Half Day Inshore $950

3/4 Day Trip Combo $1100

Fish All Day $1250

Big Game Adventure $1500-$1800

Half Day
4 hours, 8:00 AM
Hunt the JAWS in the shallows of the Florida Bay and Gulf of Mexico. We're talking BIG Ones!!!!! Hammerheads! Bull Sharks! Black Tips and more. You can always extend your trip if your having too much fun.
$800 USD
Up to 6 Anglers

Half Day Inshore
Variety Trip
5 hours, 7:30 AM
Quick trip out to the reef or Florida Bay inshore for snapper/grouper, Kingfish,Sailfish, Cobia Mackerel and more. You always get a chance to extend and fish longer.
$950 USD
Up to 6 Anglers

3/4 Day Trip Combo
7 hours, 7:30 AM
Mix it up with a little offshore, and inshore at the reef, Bay and bridges.
$1100 USD
for up to 6 Anglers

Fish All Day
8 hours, 7:30 AM
Hunt big game offshore in THE beautiful, blue waters of the Atlantic ocean. If you want big blue-water adventures for dolphin, wahoo, and tuna, we can make your dreams come true. We also offer deep dropping. Other fish you can catch include: Snapper, Grouper, Cobia, Kingfish and more.
$1250 USD
for up to 6 Anglers

Big Game 36 BluewaterAdventure
10-12 hours, 7:00 AM
Hunt big game offshore in the beautiful deep blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. If you want big blue-water adventures for slammer Dolphin, Wahoo, Swordfish and Tuna, we can make your dreams come true. Hit the Walls for "Deep Drop Fishing" to more than 1,000 feet for queen snapper and snowy grouper and more.
$1500 - 1800 USD
for up to 6Anglers


A $200 credit card deposit is required when the charter boat reservation is made. Balance shall be paid in full prior to departure.

20% crew gratuity (tip) is standard and appreciated. If you plan multiple day trips, a 20% gratuity (tip) to the crew should be made at the end of each daily trip.

Rates are effective December 1, 2013, plus tax. Prices may change without notice.

Cancellation policy:
Reservation deposits for our Florida Keys Johnny Maddox Charters Sport Fishing Adventures are fully refundable 48 hours or more before reservation begins. We reserve the right to cancel a reservation.